“A book in a library is safe from being destroyed,
but a book travelling is safe from being forgotten.”



ONE2ONE books is a project wich “learn to share” is the main purpose.
Time to time human being is becoming more self-centred. Development is changing people into work machines and unfortunately they forget that humans need to listen their bodies and not just their minds. Art is an important therapy for all and everyone not just can but is an artist. After all the most important discipline is the art of living.


 29 artists were asked to create an artwork for one particular text in their distinct style and technique. After gathering all artworks, print and bind the books, Rodrigo sent to each artist a copy of this book, so then they released it and let the book start a trip. Sharing images, texts, messages, colours and emotions.


Each copy is sent to the country where the artist is living. Handmade in Herefordshire – England and sent to:
Switzerland, Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Indonesia, India, China, Japan, United States of America, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Russia.

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