Artwork by Michaela Moravcikova

February 2001

There is a star in each one of us, a star where we feel snuggled and protected.

When I feel sad I look at the sky and I find you.
One day you shine and other days you don’t, but I know that you’re always looking out for me and at me.
I try to reach you, I try describing you, giving you form, so I can understand you.
You are far, but at the same time so close it makes it difficult.

The only vision that I have is a shinning spot in the infinite. Is that where the world is going? We let things go and we don’t take care of it, in the end when wee take a look, the view is drastic. It makes me sad and I don’t know why.
There is a question that I always ask myself, do you take care of me and the ones that I love the most? I hope you do! Sometimes I ask myself who looks out for you.
Is there another star far from you as you are from me? Is there?



Author: Michaela Moravcikova
: Ink