Artwork by Magdalena Linn

August 2012
La Esperanza

Good day, bad day.
Where will you take me?
Nothing is certain.
Good is bad and bad is good.
What is good?
Everything changes!
Days when I am so sure of everything and everything is sure of anything.
You send me signals that I think I understand but they can be small nothings.
The hurricane passes by and the old man greets it.
“May God bless you” says him each day for food that he does not choose.
Where is God?
What is God?
It is heaven, love, nature or a simple book?
We keep it in books and for what?
So we don’t face the loneliness?
What if I want to face it?
Will it be gone?
I oppose the opposite and I go against the current.
A current of people passes me by and suffocates me.
They observe me without looking.
Look at me now, where I’m going?
It’s night time and the moon grows…



Author: Magdalena Linn
: Multiliner pen; Watercolour