Artwork by Celine Geser

September 2012

I write what I think.
I write what I feel.
I write when I feel good.
I write when I feel bad.
I write what I am and I write.
I write lists and texts.
I write letters and desires.
I write for me and for you.
I write for whoever wants to read me and know me.
I write better than I talk.
Because when I talk, I talk and I talk.
So I write.

I write to finish notebooks.
I write to finish pens.
I write for pleasure and to have something to do.
I write at the beach, at the mountain, at the table or in bed, but I write.
I write because I can’t sleep or until I can.

And when I can’t write, I read what I write.



Author: Celine Geser
: Multiliner pen; Watercolour