Artwork by Tea Jurisic

February 2013
El Gallo – Trujillo

Today I’m the one who writes but not the one who feels.
Unfortunately these are the words from the present.
I searched for them for too many days and now I see the pencil giving form to the passion.
This passion made me cross the line so I could cross it again. It made me stop and stopped me from burning.
I burned tires and I burned flowers.
But feathers, I still feel them burning.
28 days I wait for your smile.
27 nights without your kisses on my cheek.
I surrender and love.
Shall the fog and voices go away.
Salt voices that make me write.
They make me speak and contradict myself.
Is it love, is it hate?
Is this addiction that keeps me awake?
Some say “To keep your balance, you must keep moving”.

I believe in you my brother, but I cannot follow you …



Author: Tea Jurisic
: Ink on paper