Artwork by Viplov Singh

March 2013
Margarita Island

Forbidden love,
Unforgotten love.
Surfed waves, moments where “NO” was there.
So many moments I desired you and I thought that I shouldn’t.
So much denial and so much desire.
Forbidden fruit that sounds like the wind.
It’s 4 walls and a naked body.
It’s a forbidden bed that accepts you even if I don’t.
I ran so many times and I didn’t repent.
Forbidden love that I never forgot.
A year has passed and it’s in a abandoned house that I see you again.
I see you in my mind while wine takes shape.
It’s other lands bathed by other seas, and from far away I desire you.
I see you in the sky.

Enlighten me with your love!




Author: Viplov Singh
: Ink; Multiliner pen