Artwork by Noelia Esquivel

January 2014
Mexico City

Today I’ll tell you a fairy tale. Well, it’s not really a fairy tale, it is more like a real story.
A story that didn’t happen a long time ago, but a moment I lived and I still have present on my mind. As simple as your breath. Like when you close your eyes and you don’t feel nothing else but your breath. Nothing else but the oxygen that you consume.
The air that goes in and goes out and gently touches your nostrils.
My story will be as simple as this. Real.

So real like a kiss. That morning kiss that you share with the one you love. At that time there’s nothing else but that kiss.
Nothing else but two mouths in contact after a night’s sleep. My story will be like this.
Real. True.

It will be also about nudity. Nothing else but nudity. Nothing else but a naked body singing and calling for its loved one.
On that moment there will only be the chant. I don’t know if it’s from one or more bodies but that doesn’t matter. Only the chant matters. The naked chant like my story. The nudity of the words and letters making a connection.
The pauses between words.
This will be my story. Nude. Real

It’s true that a fairy tale is a fairy tale and a real story is a real story. The assurance of reality, the reality of rawness.
To be honest what I want in my story is the truth.
Nothing else but the truth. This will be the story that I will tell you.

And you?

What do you have to tell me?



Author: Noelia Esquivel
: Multiliner pen; Color pencils