Artwork by Jennifer Dahbura

December 2014
Mompiche and Sunzal
Ecuador and El Salvador

Tie me to your breast
Tie me to your desire
In your being, in your love
I’ll be your smile
Your moment of truth
Your daily vanity

I think about you every time
Sometimes good thoughts
Sometimes bad thoughts
Shall we save the good ones

Intense moments that we lived in the end
Images saved in surprise boxes
Melancholic moments caused by electronic devices

You, flower of my life
My love in your body
Sweat of forbidden flowers
Sweat of wanted flowers

The sea forgets desires
The sea cuddles my chest
I found my chest empty where your head used to be

Tie me to your dreams
Tie me to your feelings
Untie me of my desires
Untie me of this melancholy

Images that I erase
I carry an old feeling
A nostalgic feeling
An imageless feeling

There were too many words
So many advises
So many messages
And we didn’t accept the challenge
We didn’t accept what we could achieve

Tie me to your dream
Tie me to your breast



Author: Jennifer Dahbura
: Acrylic; India ink