Artwork by Andon Gerorgiev

February 2015
Mompiche to Santiago
Ecuador, Perú and Chile

Beach and Bus ride (Approx. 5.500 km)
I would like to be able to speak to you in verse.
All my sentences would sound loving and from someone who can really understand love.
I make the frequent error of calling passion love.
I do it so often.
So much confusion, when I really fall in love I don’t understand it and I leave.
Why not less words? Fewer thoughts, more actions.
More strength and understanding!

Put into practice, writings and thoughts about love.
Reverse all so we can return and recover what was left.
Let’s see mountains moving.
Let’s see the roads flowing.
Tire shall roll through these same paths so that they guide me to where I have to be.
Get up all this desired strength.

Our energies shall join again.
Our beauty shall be together.
Let us love…



Author: Andon Georgiev
: Multiliner pen